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5 Tips for the Safe Usage of Roller Shutters

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In many parts of the world, the products of roller shutter manufacturers Gold Coast and elsewhere have become an essential means of securing premises. But as brilliant as they are at protecting commercial and industrial properties from harsh weather conditions and opportunistic thieves, there are safety protocols people should follow to prevent untoward incidents.

It is unfortunate but sometimes accidents happen on the job. There have been numerous reports of injuries and deaths related to rolling shutters. Most of the time, they are due to ignorance or neglect of health and safety guidelines. Roller shutter manufacturers in Gold Coast suggest that employers must take extra precautions to ensure that workers are always safe.

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1. Familiarise yourself with the manual

When you buy roller shutter manufacturers Gold Coast has, you would receive a manual for the product. You should read through it and understand the fine print. Don’t assume that you know everything there is about using the shutters. Best to be prepared in the event that you need to use the emergency release or some other feature.

2. Get your workers informed

One major cause of rolling shutter accidents is operator error. Hence, it is highly important that you provide proper training for all staff in regards to safe shutter operation. You’ll also want your management team to know how to use electronic and programmable locks. Talk with the installers to see if they are willing to provide this type of orientation or not.

3. Check for wear and tear regularly

Constant use will affect the springs, tracks, and even the electrical systems. Watch out for signs such as the door getting stuck, creaking sounds, or uneven movement. The moment you detect damage in the assembly, stop using it and contact a professional to check. Some Gold Coast roller shutter manufacturers have a 12 month warranty for free repairs.

4. Ensue proper and regular maintenance

Make it a point to clean the hinges, tracks, and other parts of the assembly every so often. You might also need to grease joints and moving parts to ensure they move freely. Of course, you must not undertake this task unless you’re knowledgeable about the working mechanism. Double-check your agreement with the roller shutter manufacturers Gold Coast has to know if regular maintenance is their responsibility or yours.

5. Impose general safety precautions

Sometimes, all you need to prevent an accident is common sense. This means training your workers to never stand below the sectional overhead door. Also, items must never be placed right under the shutter. Keep an eye out for anything that could possibly cause an untoward incident and establish necessary guidelines.

The roller shutter manufacturers Gold Coast has always want to make sure that clients are safe. This includes us at Integrity Door Services. We do not take chances when it comes to the health and safety of the people who will be working around our products. Check out the rest of our website to learn more about the products and services that we offer around Australia. See more at