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Children in Cars: 6 Safety Tips Parents Must Follow

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Vehicles like the Skoda Octavia or Skoda Yeti wins when it comes to safety and effectiveness. However, you should not be complacent even though you own a high-quality vehicle. Sending it to a Skoda service centre for maintenance is necessary to ensure its safety features are well functioning.

In addition, you must be aware of the safety tips when riding with children. If you are a working mom or dad, these are the crucial protection tips you must understand:

1. Buy high-quality car seats.

Assuming that you have children, car seats should never even be an option. You should acquire one as quickly as you get to drive your vehicle. For instance, if you’re considering a Skoda car, make sure to inquire in a Skoda Octavia car service centre, first. You can ask for the right car seat dimensions.

2. Protect your things.

Though your children can wear seatbelts, baggage can still drop onto them. So, if you’re still shopping for family cars, opt for a model with a sizable cargo spot for instruments or bags. You don’t have to pile stuff in the passenger area or behind the seats. However, if there’s inadequate room, secure them with cargo anchors. You can ask for assistance from the Skoda service centre for setting up these tools.

3. Secure the child door locks.

The function of the child door and window locks is to suppress their dangerous curiosity. Secure the child door locks prior to leaving. Additionally, remind your children never to play around open windows.

4. Check out the child seat handbook.

Don’t just harness your youngster to any car seat. Check out the guidebook. The manual must display the appropriate placement and other tricks it can do. Don’t rely upon your instinct on this concern. Always ask the manufacturer or the Skoda service centre for reliable info.

5. Abide by safety seat policies.

Did you know there is a legislation relating to the use of child seats? Inadequately attached safety seats cause serious personal injuries and even fatalities. In Australia, the law disallows any child below 7-years-old to travel in a car with no a child seat. Goes without saying, the car seat needs to go by Australian national standards. To be sure, just get in touch with a Skoda Yeti car service provider and discuss installing car seats.

6. Never leave children alone.

This is obvious. Still, some parents continue to be too reckless. Since when did the leaving of children inside a car became sensible? To start with, there is a high risk of them catching hyperthermia. Next, they might also mess around the brakes or steering wheel. Never leave them without any adults around.

Final notes

Whether you are travelling alone or with kids, take note of the pointers above. Also, to ensure your Skoda’s safety features are in good shape, just avail one of the Skoda Service packs at Brisbane City ŚKODA is a premium dealership and service centre in Queensland. Entrust your car to the people who know it best. Visit them today!