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A Guide for the Budding Restaurateur: Investing in a Commercial Bar Fridge

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If you’re a newcomer in the food preparation or winery business in populous cities like Brisbane, you’ve surely considered investing in premium quality appliances for long-term use, like the commercial bar fridge Brisbane suppliers of coolers sell. Although you’ve probably read somewhere that these gentle hard workers are well-known for being energy-saving, you still need to know why you’re buying it, its key differences to a domestic bar fridge, and how to find a high-quality commercial bar fridge.


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Buying a commercial bar fridge

Do you really need to buy a commercial bar fridge Brisbane suppliers offer? If you’re going to invest in a bar fridge, you have to make sure you’re 100% in. If your goal is to streamline the use of your main walk-in kitchen fridge and your display fridge, then a separate bar fridge for your alcoholic or perishable products is the perfect appliance for you.

Buying a commercial fridge means having an extra helpful appliance that will make your main kitchen fridge or display fridge do their job better and more efficiently. With a commercial bar fridge Brisbane suppliers sell these days, your main kitchen fridge or display fridge won’t be cluttered anymore since a Brisbane commercial bar fridge takes care of storing the main perishable products that will be directly offered to the customers. What’s even better is that by buying dedicated commercial bar fridge in Brisbane, you won’t have to deal with wasted goods anymore.

Difference of domestic and commercial bar fridge

To clear things up, you also have to be specific about investing in a commercial bar fridge, not a unit intended for home use. Take note, there’s also a domestic bar fridge which is designed for minimal and light usage unless the owner likes to have their friends all the time and party on their patio. Domestic bar fridges are engineered to run in a quiet manner; unfortunately, they are not designed to endure heavy workloads like continuous opening and closing of doors.

On the other hand, a commercial bar fridge is engineered to withstand all of those heavy-duty workloads and continual usage. Their compressors and cooling systems are larger in size and are designed to work for long periods of time. Even a cheap commercial bar fridge Brisbane appliance shops sell has a denser insulation inside and stronger motherboards in terms of functionality, compared to a domestic bar fridge. Remember that when shopping for commercial bar fridges, always aim for upgrades that can withstand the kind of usage your employees and bartenders might perform.

Discerning a premium quality commercial bar fridge

How do you differentiate a quality commercial bar fridge unit from a poorly performing unit? First, you’d have to look at its net weight. Remember, lightweight units are not a good sign; bar fridges should be thick, so they should also be heavy since they’re intended for daily and hectic usage.

You must also inquire about the exterior material on its cabinets. For instance, an epoxy-polyester with a steel finish on a triple-door bar fridge from OzCoolers only makes sense because, again, commercial bar fridge surfaces are supposed to be thicker.

Also, the purpose of this is for the commercial bar fridge to stay in shape and to make sure the stock stays cool. In addition to why a commercial bar fridge’s net weight is heavy, is because it’s supposed to include large gears, condensers, and fans. For more details, check out this at