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Short Term Freezer Rental: Situations Where You Could Use One

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Is it better to get a short term freezer rental or buy a new appliance? The answer to this really depends on what you need that extra cold storage for and how long you plan to use it. Some situations would benefit more from a rental for a couple of days or weeks.

Here are some instances when it’s better to hire fridge rentals rather than buy a brand new one.

When hosting a party or event

Having a big barbecue this weekend? You’ll certainly need all the cold storage space you can get for all the meat and the drinks.

Are you going DIY with your wedding and have an army of family and friends who are coming over to help you prepare the food? If yes, then an extra fridge will help to make sure all ingredients are properly stored.

If you host big parties or events only occasionally, then renting an additional refrigerator for a few days is a good solution. Check it out at Cold Display Solutions

When you’re still starting with your food business

As a start-up, you might not have enough capital to buy all the necessary equipment to get your business running. Short-term appliance rentals allow you to get started and open up shop earlier rather than waiting until you raise enough money to purchase equipment.

As you start earning from your business, you can save a portion of your income to eventually buy display fridges second hand products or brand new refrigerators.

When you’re attending a short food-related business expo

In line with the above example, a short-term rental is also a good idea if you wish to join an expo to expand your market for your home-grown food business. Of course, you’ll have to showcase your products and want them to taste and look as appetizing as possible. Renting a display fridge allows you to keep your food products in their best quality. Plus, it provides you with a more professional and sanitary method to show off your edible goods.

When you’re expecting guests who are staying over for some time

Did you invite the whole family over for the holidays? Naturally, you’re going to need to store more food when you have more people to feed for several days. Make sure everything stays fresh and delicious by getting a short term freezer rental. When the guests leave, you can return the unit and don’t have to worry about storing or maintaining an additional appliance in your home.

When your current freezer is undergoing repairs

Like any other business, a restaurant, catering company, and other food businesses will have their share of broken equipment. But in the food industry, a defective freezer can be extra damaging. The produce is in danger of spoiling, and if they do spoil, the whole food preparation process is affected.

Once you notice that any of your cold storage equipment are in need of repair, call a technician right away to assess if your appliance can easily get fixed or if it will require more time. In case it’s the latter, get in touch with an industrial fridge freezer rental company immediately to acquire a temporary refrigerator and avoid further losses.

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