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Tips to Make your HVAC System Last Longer

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One of the steps to improve the level of comfort in your home is by installing a residential air conditioning system. Homeowners should not forget this requirement when making a comprehensive budget for their homes. Installing a good and efficient air conditioning system in your home can reward you in a number of ways. However, what do you do to keep the system last longer? With the help of a geothermal heating cooling expert, you can implement the following tips to improve the efficiency of the system and make it last longer.

Change the air filter monthly

HVAC systems work very heavily during peak seasons of winter and summer. It is advisable to check the filter at least every month to see whether it looks dirty. This you can do yourself without involving an expert in geothermal heating cooling systems. While experts recommend changing the air filter at least every three months, heavy use can lower this period to one month. A dirty filter slows down airflow, making the system to work harder to heat or cool the space. This, in the end, leads to energy waste.

Annual tune-up of the system

For this one, you require the assistance of a qualified geothermal heating cooling expert. Experts in HVAC service have extensive knowledge and experience, which they can apply to discover any underlying problem with the equipment. Just as your car’s engine needs a tune-up at some point, so does the HVAC equipment in your home. Therefore, consult a reliable air conditioning repair company Nashville has to offer to inspect the equipment annually.

Have a thermostat that you can program

Especially when you work away from home most of the time, it is important to have a programmed setting for the equipment, which can save you money in the end.

Seal the heating and cooling ducts

Unsealed ducts can waste a lot of energy when they work from forced conditioning systems or air furnaces. Sealing or insulating the air ducts can make the equipment more efficient, as experts say, by 20 percent or more.

Ensure your machine is Energy Star-rated

When the equipment becomes less efficient, you can consult certified heating cooling system contractors Nashville has to offer to evaluate it. In that situation, the expert may advise you to replace it with a machine with ENERGY STAR certification. For more information on geothermal heating cooling experts in Nashville, you can visit relevant websites such as

The following are some of the benefits having efficient HVAC system:

You will experience a controlled comfort

Air conditioning systems are able to regulate indoor temperature in every room in your home. This enables you to swirl in waves of cool air during summer nights so you and your family can have a peaceful night’s sleep. On the other hand, you can have your home warm during the winter season. Let alone the seasonal temperature regulations, you can as well regulate your home’s temperature the way you want.

Reduced humidity

If you are living in damp locations, your solution to the problem of stickiness in your home is installing a residential air conditioning system. Besides, you will have improved air quality due to the regulated and perfect temperature in your home. Visit